Is anyone listening to the news these days? If you close your eyes, you can almost see the scoreboard.

  • Our legal experts weigh in

  • Foo Industry slams report published by Bar University

  • Committee takes victory lap on recent reform

Some of them are less sports-themed and more straight-up military.

  • Think tank takes aim at media outlet

  • Media outlet fires back

It’s beyond casual. It’s intentional. I don’t think it makes anything easier to understand. They’re easy to think of, and to understand, but so is normal English:

  • criticizes is just better than slams

I think throwing in sports vocabulary has an unfortunate (usually) side effect of triggering a subconscious my–team–their–team response. This is powerful, not with respect to dividing society, but it’s powerful because people want to at least know which side they’re on. Somebody’s being attacked: is it them?

I’m sounding like the news now.

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  • Thousands are at risk. Are you?