Whew! I am just about done writing .then(..) every 12 spaces. Like I think Rolling Stone said, Guitars are out, weird clicking sounds are in.

Promises are out, folks. Async/await is in.

Promises are still around, but mostly to glue together the callback-style code.

Also handy is await Promise.all [ .. ].

I think Promise.race [ .. ] has no equivalent, but I’m not sure.

Join the cult.

The code is free…

Seriously, I was having lingering trouble handling every single Promise in my not-even-that-big Cakefile to make my blog.

Everything would work, but I hate seeing UnhandledPromiseRejection in my log output.

I frown upon thee.

I rewrote all the Promise code into await & try .. catch e .. blocks.

It not only made more sense, was easier to read, but it also fixed the bug!

Everything is handled now, I think.