Hi, I’m Alec. I blog here, I erg/row year-round, and I play guitar & bass. I work in software, so I read and write a lot about it. I live south of Atlanta, but went to school in upstate NY and, before that, northern VA. I like to work on cars (easy stuff, nothing crazy).

I like to watch movies, TV, & stuff (I mean, who doesn’t), so check out my Criticker profile where I review everything if you’re interested.

Technical details

This blog runs on Jekyll, with basically the default Minima theme (a couple files overridden), out of the box. If you want to set up a Jekyll blog on your own computer, hit up the Jekyll homepage. Basically, you get Ruby all set up, run jekyll new blog somewhere and write stuff in blog/_posts, then you upload what’s in _site/ to a public server.

If I’ve done this right, you’re (always) reading a static HTML file read from disk by nginx, so I wouldn’t worry too much about scaling / CPU / memory / anything but writing sloppy blog posts. All of the Ruby runs at write-time, not serve-time.