I don’t quite know what’s changed in Safari since I last used it (Firefox works, well, great), but it doesn’t seem to render many fonts.

I want to test out different ones, hopefully in this Markdown.

Fira Sans doesn’t look anything like Fira Sans

Courier Prime doesn’t look anything like Courier Prime

Source Sans Pro doesn’t look anything like Source Sans Pro

Source Code Pro doesn’t look anything like Source Code Pro

Junicode doesn’t look anything like Junicode

Everything looks right in Firefox.

Nothing looks right in Safari.

I don’t really mind, I assume it’s some battery / CPU optimization to not compute so many font renders, but I just wonder when this happened?

Safari seems to render sans-serif San Francisco font (or whatever it’s called, the OS X version, or macOS whatever it’s called lmao) for the sans-serif body, but defaults to Times New Roman.

I guess these are all User Fonts that I’ve tried, so let me try others..

Baskerville does look like Baskerville

Palatino does look like Palatino

So Safari (13.1.1) seems to only render system fonts (the fonts under Computer in Font Book), but not user fonts.

(but … why?)

I wonder if font rendering (in Safari) is done by some kernel code only available to OS X (sorry, macOS..) devs who write it for themselves, but decided to not allow user fonts even the remote possibility of exploiting that code, with some maliciously formed fonts.