I really like this font.

I don’t expect many people to have it installed, but I think it’d be a good default browser font (sans-serif, of course) alongside Fira Sans.

The numbers are very nice, and it feels fairly casual / hand-written. Overall, it’s pretty similar to Fira Sans, leaning towards -apple-system / San Francisco (simpler forms, less curling).

I wish they had a monospaced version.

I still slightly prefer Fira Sans, but it’s certainly close. It’s seems less distinct than Fira, so I think it’d go better in a business app / internal tool where people prefer no “pizazz”.

What’s the word from Office Space? Flair?

Fira has got slightly more flair. But Goldman Sans is really good.

It’s like there’s a spectrum you can draw through sans-serif fonts.

  1. Fantasque (very “characteristic”)
  2. The Sans
  3. Fira / Meta
  4. Lucida Grande
  5. Goldman Sans
  6. San Francisco / -apple-system
  7. Segoe UI
  8. Univers
  9. Helvetica (very “plain”)

That’s how it seems to me. So for a blog, 3 is about right.