Mini is releasing an all-electric car. Interesting.

Could I use it? that is the question

It only has 110 miles of range, but can quick-charge 50% of that in 30 minutes. On a basic wall outlet, it can charge 2% of that in 60 minutes.

If I commute 25 miles a day, that’s 23% charge I’d have to add back every night, which 12 hours of charging would easily provide.

It would not do well on road trips, but around town, it would be unbeatable. Basically free.

I guess you could say the same about Teslas, but so far I am not impressed with their cars (P100D aside, it’s absurd).

I have heard up-and-down stories of Mini reliability, but I wouldn’t be scared to buy an electric one. Electric cars are generally simpler machines.

If I didn’t love my car so much, I’d strongly consider it.

If I had my mom’s old car, with around 200,000 miles, I could use that for road trips and use an electric Mini the remaining 90% of the time. But I actually have a low-miles car with meh gas mileage. I barely drive 10,000 miles a year, so MPGs don’t really matter much to me.

But the draw is still there. I look forward to what kinds of electric cars other manufacturers put forward.

I do think the low-range segment like this 110 mi Mini is going to explode.