Well, I said goodbye to my lil’ MR2 recently.

I more or less declared myself graduated from Stickshift University a long while ago, and just didn’t have the sheer appreciation I used to have for the car, relatively speaking.

Basically, my other car is a beast compared to it, just so much newer.

What made the MR2 fun was the incredible lack of perceptible mass (light weight, 1000 kg) and weirdly fast steering. It’s like a Corolla-based go kart. It’s a lot of fun.

But so is my other car. It’s the best daily driver I could imagine, my IS 300.

Hello, Supra? ..hello?

The only car I still pine for is maybe a Toyota Supra.

Anything 1994 or newer :P.

Mixed feelings aside, the new GR Supra is lighter, faster, smaller, and I bet has more airbags. I used to be more hesitant about it, but the more I’ve researched, the more I appreciate it for what it is.

The B58 engine is incredibly similar to the 2JZ except the obvious solid-aluminium vs solid-iron difference. If you’re building 800+ HP, you’re probably replacing a bunch of stock stuff anyhow, so it doesn’t really matter much to compare, for example, stock intercooler locations. The potential and the headroom seem, if not there, close by.

The B58 is definitely more BMW than a 2JZ, a bit more complicated in certain areas. Being pretty young in its development, I would not be surprised if Toyota/BMW make slight but important changes like different starter/generator, moving/redoing the intercooler, more oil ports, maybe even a dry sump. Don’t expect these changes, I’d say, but be open to them.

The Papadakis fellow on YT took his B58 with a, I believe, ported head, stock block & crank, forged pistons & rods, front mount intercooler, and a printed (yes..) aluminium intake manifold… he took his B58 to just over 1,000 HP. He did it. Four figures of power.

Oh yeah, and he used a huge Borg Warner turbo & new exhaust manifold (adapter?).

I don’t know, if I’m building anything above stock I might want that sequential setup, 2500 & 4000 RPM. But, ya know, 900 HP is also cool.

the path forward, the future of Supra

Part of what made, and still makes, the mk 4 supra really special was that potential, that the only thing holding it back from 600, 800, maybe 1,000 whatever HP was just more parts.

It’s what makes even (especially? now) a stock mk 4 Supra so respectable, that they’re all 10-second-cars underneath all the stock kit. I think a 94 Supra stock could pull 13s, and know it could do a lot more.

And I think that holds true in the GR Supra, as far as I can see. Closed-deck block, VANOS. I think the transmission is fine, and would expect you might need something else beyond 6-700 HP. That said, the stock mk 4 Supra was good enough by itself to not need anything more, if you’re just daily driving it.

So seeing 382 hp, 368 lb-ft are pretty good for a Toyota, those look more like BMW/Honda numbers, to me.

All at 3,400 lbs, with a 3.0 L engine. I wonder how much boost the stock turbo makes. Papadakis was taking it past 25 psi up to high 30s to 42, I think.

Quite good, for a $ 50-60k new car. To be fair, older Corvettes have comparable if not better numbers, but aren’t a whole lot cheaper. $ 35k for a C6 with 400-430 hp isn’t unusual. I would much rather have a Supra than a Corvette.

the path unseen

I mean, the Supra could have been a lot worse.

It could’ve been an 86 edition, it could’ve been an RC350 rebadge, it could’ve been FWD, it could’ve been 4,200 lbs of hybrid, it could’ve been an Audi collaboration (ya think about that horror, and wince), it could’ve been a Chrysler collaboration (feel free to puke, at any time).

It could’ve been heavier, it could’ve been AWD, maybe an LC500 rebadge, it could’ve pretended the backseat mattered enough to keep.

I like the mk 5, as is, for what it is.

Apart from the really cool late-80s/early-90s dashboard, the new Supra doesn’t really lack anything about it you could say about the mk 4.

No spoiler? Yeah, good point. GR Supra has a spoiler, it’s just integrated/built-in. It still looks pretty good.

I think the body line looks best with white paint, largely because the black plastic “disappears” and visually lifts the profile of the car. The mk 4 Supra had a strikingly low, slender hood with a higher rear end. The GR Supra has a taller rear end, but the white paint above the black trim helps make the car “appear” higher than it is.

The front looks great as a mix of white paint & black trim. Plus, if you live in a desert, white’s not a bad choice.

And while I doubt the future of Supra is really electric, anytime soon, I’d be open to a 3,200 lb 400 HP 300 mi range car (but try and keep that weight..). I’m not even sure a Tesla Roadster would weigh in as small as a GR. Battery tech is very heavy, it seems.

Gasoline range of a GR Supra is 30 quoted highway mpg * 13.7 gallons (and hey, since it’s just gas, you can strap down an extra 2 gal in the “trunk”) = 411 miles. Riding with 2-5 extra gal of gas safely secured, easily 500 miles of range. Gas is nice, let’s not be ungrateful.

I would also store a spare tire/wheel in the back, safely secured, if I were really road tripping the car. Or daily driving, for that matter. 255/35ZR19 in front, 275/35ZR19 in rear, so staggered tires mean you’d have to really carry 2 wheels, front & rear, or ride weird for a while. Keeping 1 donut is more reasonable if I had 2 wheels at the house, ready to swap. That’s the way to go, clearly.

I’ve only had 1 flat-tire incident before, and being able to take it in stride was honestly quite nice. Pulled over almost immediately, jacked it up, got the spare ready, swapped them out, found the hole, kept on driving, drove to a tire shop, had it patched for $20, and put it back on myself, when I got home, like it never even happened. That’s nice. Calling a tow truck (…) because you ran over a roofing nail or some scrap metal? That’s not so nice.

It seems I might want a 18×4 wheel, 5x112mm bolts, with a 135/70R18 tire.

For anyone looking up mk 5 GR Supra spare tire info, it looks like:

  • $122 for a Yokohama 135/70R18 tire, that weighs 12 lbs empty, rated 60 psi, 50 mph
  • eBay a 18x4” wheel
  • find a jack yourself, wrenches, &c

I’m almost sure you could fit the spare from another car on a GR Supra, especially given the German likelihood.. something like a VW Spare Tire might even work. I need to pay attention to the bolt pattern.