Well, it’s mid-April. All this coronavirus shit is weirding up the whole universe in a horrible way, it would seem, but the erging continues.

I stay inside. A world apart.

The 2020 season has not been my proudest; I spent about 6 months off the erg, getting thrown off my routine. I got sick, I changed my diet, but never reestablished my erg routine. That was a mistake.

But I can still, maybe, pull enough meterage in the last couple weeks of April to top my first season. I got the erg right around 2 years ago, so I don’t really count the small part of Season 2018 I erged (just 2 or 3 days).

Erg seasons

Erg seasons run May 1 - April 30. In April 2020, we are closing out Season 2020.

In Season 2019, I put down 699,669m. Not a ton, but hey it was my first year.

My second year stands at risk to be worse yet! I’m at 587,520m for Season 2020.

What I must do

The math is simple. I need to hit about 700Km. That means I have 112.5Km to go. In 16 days. That’s a lot for a noob like me.

If I take 2 days off to rest (I usually rest on Sundays), I’ll have to row 8,040m each day.

I think that’s doable, if I maintain a.. maintainable pace, like R23/90W. Today, I rowed 16x500m/1:00, and with all of the rest meterage I almost hit 10k. I alternated the first half, doing a 500s at 90w & 110w, but the second half I tried to hold it steady around 90-100w.

Tomorrow, I hope to do 3x3Km/3:00, and maybe on Thursday I’ll do 5Km/2Km/1Km.

The goal

I want to row 6 days on, 1 day off until May.

Something like 8x1Km/2:00, 3x3Km/3:00, 2x4Km/4:00, back to back. That’s a lot of volume so I want to take the Rate down to R20-R23, and keep Power at ~90w.