Last full week of erg.

The “erg week” starts on a Monday and counts everything through Sunday. There will be a 4-day week at the end of season 2020, too.

I want to close out my 700Km goal for the season this week, leaving next half-week to set some new PRs. There were some (modest! I hope) goals I had for the end of the season:

distance time
1000 4:08
2000 8:50
5000 24:00
6000 29:40 (DONE)
10000 52:00

I feel pretty confident about putting down a 24:00 5Km. I’ve put down 24:36 twice in one week, just putting in volume. So let’s crush that first, next Monday.

I am still pretty intimidated by the 2Km. It’s hard to do it quickly, so hard. For now I just want to get sub-9. Here’s how I see 2Km times:

time means to me
sub-9:00 good job kid, you can erg (YOU ARE HERE)
sub-8:00 better and better (GOAL)
sub-7:00 semi-pro
sub-6:00 fucking olympian lol

For now, I just need to row 8-10Km Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Sunday will be another rest/light day, and then next week I’ll work on the PRs.