So I didn’t really mean to, but I set a new 5 Km personal best today.

The plan was to pull maybe a 10 Km, then I decided to split it up into 5 Km + 5 Km, or maybe 5 Km + 6 Km.

I had lots of sleep the night before, woke up ate 2 waffles (my usual pre-workout food, admittedly), did a bunch of bicep workouts, then drank a small Red Bull.

I wanted to finish(!) Parks & Rec this Saturday workout. There was one last thing to watch: the Behind The Scenes: Season 7, on disc 1.

It turned out to be 49 minutes, about, so I decided to just do 5K first then figure out the rest.

I have been rowing a bunch of 25:00 5 Kms and 7:45-8:00 miles (1.609 Km) recently, putting down 50-60 Km a week. That’s a lot more than I used to row.. yowza. At pretty good wattage (for me..), 104 W @ 5 Km, 115 W @ 1.609 Km.

23:29.2 (2:20.9/-, 125 W)

So I settled into a not-super-fast split, but just kept getting faster. Splits went from 112 W -> 121 W -> 130 W, twice -> 135 W. So I could at the very least try for a consistent 130 W. That would put me at about a 23:10. After that, I could try for 135 W (22:54).

I could also work on my 6 Km, bring it up from 110 W to 115 W or 120 W. I should’ve been able to keep going all the way to 6 Km today if I didn’t have the other workouts to think about.

Some goals going forward

distance time watts
1609 m 7:10 147 W
1609 m 7:00 157 W
5 Km 23:10 130 W
5 Km 22:50 136 W
6 Km 28:36 120 W
6 Km 28:12 125 W

I might could hit these this year, with some more volume. I mean, just 2 months ago, I pulled a 23:40.8 5 Km, so I was able to drop a full second off each split with just (!) 350 Km of volume.

Like I said, just a bunch of 5 Kms and 1.609 Kms.