I put down another personal best on the erg today.

This time, it was a 10 Km.

Just putting in volume was the idea, but my estimated finish time was actually not far from my best so far (49:44). I just don’t have a lot of experience rowing this far that much, so I’ve been working my times down from 54:00 to 52:00 to sub-50:00 et cetera.

47:38.5 (2:22.9/-, 120 W)

I shaved over 2 minutes off my 10 Km. Probably won’t do that again, unless I can row a 45:00 soon!

Towards the end, I was able to pull up the average watts to 120 W. I pulled most of it looking at 2:24.0/- splits (117 W), but then I switched to watts and decided to pull up to 120.

The last 2 Km I was able to pull a 2:17.7/- (134 W), so I think I still have room to improve. Still some gas left in the tank, I think, I hardly “raced” it.


I am considering rowing the 21.097 Km half-marathon on Saturday, for the Summer Solstice, but it does seem daunting!