I can definitely say I’m more comfortable erging longer pieces (“steady state”).

I used to treat 5 Km, 6 Km as long pieces. I know now that that’s not very much to fill a day with, but we all start somewhere. I’m not coming into erg from years of running or god forbid triathloning or whatever, I’m pretty much a cardio noob compared to anybody that ran 4 years in high school, even.

2x30’ 6x2Km 3x25’ 8x1609m 2x40’ 12x½mi 3x1Km

That seems reasonable. I want to bump up from 40-50 minutes a day to 50-80. Low and slow, no race pace training here, not yet. I may train hard for times at the end of the season, but there’s just no need now. While I have been setting bests, it’s not because I’ve been perfecting technique or having especially good performances, it’s just beginner gains.

I’ve been watching Death Note, probably have 12-14 hours left. That should last 2 weeks, roughly.

At the least, this should be a good way to grind through TV shows!

Up next, I’ve got a lot to choose from: Reno 911, Schitt’s Creek, Daria, 30 Rock, & The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.