Well, I did it. I erg’d 1 Mm in 18 weeks.

In the 4 summer months of May, June, July, & August, I have rowed 1,002,585m in 93:50:43.6 .

I am proud of that, having never done it before.

That’s 8 Km average per day, and 9.6 Km average per active day.

I didn’t really set any PRs yet, I just wanted to go some distance.

I was continuing a long streak coming out of April, to finish up last season.

I had one “injury”, in late July, where I had a lot of ant bites on my legs and didn’t want to row, to not aggravate the bites. Yardwork collateral damage.

If I continue at this rate, I’ll hit 2 Mm by New Year’s and 3 Mm by the end of the season.

I’m not sure that’s really feasible, but it might be!

I don’t really mind rowing slow pieces, so 4x14:00 is not quite daunting, thought I’ll likely only pull 2:36/- or so.

I haven’t really taken any breaks, nor have I set aside the time for PRs much, so I don’t think 3 Mm is a good target.

2.5 Mm for the season is pretty good, though. I’m not even at that, lifetime. Soon, I will be, though.

Goals going forward

I want to row 2.5 Mm this season, and maintain the average pace I have so far through the end of August.

I want to at least cut the distance to 08:00 2 Km by half, that is, get down to 08:10 at least. I think 08:21 is my PR right now, down from 08:38, down from 9:00, etc. 08:00 is still quite a bit more difficult than 08:21: 13% more watts, at least.