Wow, I just rowed a 6 Km personal best today, and was shocked to find out my split beat my recent and hard-fought 5 Km personal best.

About a month ago, partly on a whim, I pulled a 5 Km in 23:11.2 at 2:19.1/-. That was quite better than my old (20 seconds?)

Today, knowing I needed to work on my 6 Km times, just wanted to put one down. I expected a PR, slightly slower than the 5 Km.

Today, I pulled a 6 Km in 27:29.9 for a 2:17.4/- split.

It was much better than my previous, almost 2 minutes dropped.

Rock on.

I am still making progress putting down mostly-aimless 8-12 Km days.