I made it to sub-8:00! I have never been more proud of a 2 Km pull.

My splits were

Time Meters Pace Watts Cal/Hr S/M
7:59.0 2,000m 1:59.7 204 1001 27
1:55.3 500m 1:55.3 228 1085 29
2:01.5 1,000m 2:01.5 195 971 27
2:00.9 1,500m 2:00.9 198 981 27
2:01.4 2,000m 2:01.4 196 973 26

I decided on my 2nd warmup Just Row to pull a baseline of 192 W, that being a hard pull at the end of a 2:00 row.

So I tried to start strong, 2 ½-strokes, 2 ¾-strokes, 10 huge strokes, settling down to 192. I felt pretty strong coming down around 1.8 Km and tried holding 220 W, 210 W, 200 W on my way down.1 I thought for a moment I could maybe hold 200 W for most of the erg. I let power drop to 190 W and tried not to pull much over 196 W.


I did not have much left in the tank at the end, only the last 40 m or so did I try powering out.

I made it to 1.2 Km on single breathing, then I had to start breathing harder, going to double-breathing every 4th stroke. I was comfortable with the lactic acid buildup but mainly had to keep breathing strong, trying to saturate on oxygen before the suck really set in.

I tried not to glance at distance too much, just on the 19x W figure. At 600 m, I needed more air so I awkwardly transitioned to double-breathing. Should have just gone straight to it instead of every other.

An early christmas present

My goal was to bring my “8:11” in my head down to 8:08, then 8:00 by the end of the year.

Imagine my dismay when I pull up my all-time best of 8:21, cringe, then maybe realize sub-8 by 2021 may be dreamy.

I wanted to pull maybe 8:08 today, but I kept the machine in watts, so I really had no idea what I’d end up with. I was slightly afraid of ending up with an 8:03 or something if I let up too much. I knew 192 W flat was probably not quite enough to break it, but would have to settle.

More progress through volume. Makes me happy.

I think I may hit the waiting list for a Dynamic now……

Goals going forward

I want to target a 200 W baseline on my next 2 Km erg test. That is, I’ll likely hit 205-215 W overall but I don’t want to let power drop below 200. I’m not sure if it’s meaningful to try past that, or just try to burn excess energy in the last 80, 100, 150 m.

I surely don’t want to test again for another, idk, 4-6 months. What’s even the point.

I did it in just under 2.7 Mm. That’s maybe faster than I expected!

I hope not, but would bet, that I hit 3 Mm before C2 starts making Dynamics again.. surely I can wait. I doubt craigslist has any.

  1. I am not sure if that was a mistake or not. I probably won’t try it again. I think I could’ve pulled at least a 1:59.9/- split if I used that energy at the end, instead, so it likely didn’t gain me much. I didn’t really know what I was doing, not in the general way people say, but I didn’t have any idea if 192 W was even close to sustainable, I didn’t know if it was an 8:00 2 Km or an 8:15. I wasn’t doing a fly or die strategy, I was pretty sure I could hold the lactic acid buildup at 192 but I thought 196, at the least, was also doable.