I’m a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to meal prep, making food ahead of time.

I’ve finally made some progress, starting with canadian-bacon-egg-&-cheese muffins (basically McMuffins) and peanut-butter-&-jelly sandwiches.

Apparently both freeze well.

The procedure is pretty much what you’d expect, with a few pointers:

  • cook all the moisture out of the ingredients (in this case, canadian bacon)

  • wrap with parchment paper if you want to microwave or thaw and eat cold

  • wrap with foil if you want to reheat in the oven (350F for 35-40min)

  • get all of the air out of the zipper bag (use a zipper bag for each)

  • optionally, grill the sandwiches (& let cool) before bagging

    • I’m not sure it matters if you grill the whole sandwich, or toast each slice of bread separately

It’s kind of liberating, separating the prep time from the eat time.

I’m not trying to lose any real quality (I mean.. to a point): if a recipe turns out crap, I modify it. So far, I’m satisfied.