I went to Kroger today, and I spent almost exactly $100.

With this coronavirus, I haven’t been to the grocery in maybe a month. So let’s see what I restocked, which is maybe roughly what I ate:

  • $20.94 of tomatoes (cherry tomatoes, classico sauces, whole peeled muir glen)
  • $15.56 of cheese (shredded cheddar, singles, laughing cow wheels)
  • $13.52 of carbs (bread, bagels, frozen waffles)
  • $11.66 of milk (2%, whole, organic + non-)
  • $10.50 of candy (reeses, kit kat)
  • $8.48 of tea (stash earl grey & spiced chai, bigelow earl grey)
  • $6.18 of peanut butter (the kind near the granola dispensers)
  • $4.00 of meat (frozen sausage patties)
  • $2.79 of eggs (cage free grain fed, limit 1)
  • $2.46 of bananas (organic)
  • $1.99 of gum (Orbit, bubblegum)

That’s it, a weird look into my life.

I forgot to even look for a couple things, maybe because my cart was getting full. I probably would’ve bought

  • $9.00 of mineral water
  • $3.00 of splenda

And that’s a good grocery run.