I have just one box of Aunt Jemima pancake mix left. It’s time to say goodbye.

And some Kodiak .. whatever. I might just buy more of that if it tastes good, but the frozen kind (which I did try once, on sale) were kind of crumbly and wet, even piping hot. They tasted great, but the texture was certainly strange.

I want to start making my own mix. For a few reasons, I guess:

  • to get the ingredients healthier (/ avoid crap)
  • to adjust flavor to my preference (I like a lot of cinnamon, sometimes, or banana, and I should try malted milk powder)
  • to add more protein, via more eggs or whey &c

So, I gather recipes, and I want to find the common ground first. I want to start with the simplest recipes:

ingredient King A Gold M Martha S
a/p flour 227 g 227 g 227 g
milk 227 g 397 g 227 g
eggs 2 2 2
butter 70 g 56 g 56 g
sugar 25 g 12 g 25 g
vanilla 14 g    
b. powder   4 t 1 t
salt   ¼ t ¼ t

Ideally, I could prepare the dry mix ahead of time, and store it in the freezer / fridge, with a standard serving scoop to dish it out with.

You basically beat eggs, add milk, add dry ingredients, then pour.