I like my penne and my linguine, but I wonder what other pastas I should try.

I buy Barilla, but I may try De Cecco next time I go to the grocery.

My usual/favorite pastas

  • Mezze penne
  • Linguine
  • Rotini
  • Spaghetti
  • Macaroni

Pastas I don’t like anymore

  • Angel hair, it’s very easy to overcook and needs very thin sauce
  • Thin spaghetti, same issues
  • Bucatini, I might have to try this one again but it was weirdly thick
  • Lasagna, too easy to overbake, usually too much ricotta

Pastas I never really liked

  • Farfalle, they don’t really hold sauce and they’re hard to pick up
  • Ravioli, this is a “pasta dish” but it’s kinda weird

Pastas I want to try

Anyhow, now to my point. I want to buy/try

  • Orecchiette, little dimple shapes
  • Rigatoni, short wide tubes, or a similar tube shape
  • Campanelle, little cones
  • Different brands of spaghetti, to really benchmark
  • Shells, of maybe larger-than-usual size

Sauces I want to try making

  • Marinara, either alone, or with italian sausage, or mixed with ground beef / meatballs, like on spaghetti or rigatoni
    • combining the cooked meat early must certainly help
    • might take 20 tries to get even halfway right
  • Cream of mushroom -type thing, towards beef stroganoff, like on spaghetti or shells or orecchiete
    • the can hopefully has a recipe
  • Alfredo, in small amounts, like on shrimp & linguine
    • IIUC, it’s like ¼ stick butter, ½ cup heavy cream, ½ cup gruyere/parmesan