De Cecco pasta is surprisingly good, really good. I can’t remember a better pasta.

Even at restaurants.

I loaded up a cart with some boxes of spaghetti № 12, used some Mid’s sauce I had sitting on a shelf, and air fried up some italian sausage. Tiny bit of butter, olive oil, red pepper flakes, parmesan, and black pepper, add it all up to something good.

I wish now that I had taken a picture, but I’ll make it again and I’ll make it prettier, so just wait up.

I really need to get some cherry tomatoes, I keep forgetting…

Anyhow, there’s not much point (for me) to buy anything but them, anymore (just being honest!). I love Barilla, it’s quite good but not, ya know, remarkable.

I think, but can’t prove, the bronze extrusion does make a difference on the texture of the pasta. I mean, just handling it, it feels not much like Barilla, or any store brand. It doesn’t even really look 100% the same.

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t make a better pasta. And I couldn’t make a better italian sausage than Kroger already does (some like it hot). So that really leaves, up to me (as an epic idiot, I..) the sauce & the seasoning.

Mid’s is a bit sugary, let’s be honest, so I hope that didn’t sway my opinion too much. I’m not diametrically opposed to adding a dash of splenda/stevia to pasta, anyway.

Mid’s is good, though. Can’t all be the sugar I’m tasting. Jar is good for 2 if not 3 days of pasta-makin’, and it definitely tastes about right. Tomato basil is what I had, and I still have some three cheese left.

I can’t really make sauce very well, either, so I might be fine just buying that. Mid’s, Newman’s Own, & Classico are my go-to sauces.