So I just cooked / meal prep’d 6 servings of spaghetti & “meatballs”.


I cooked 2 separate 1-lb trays of ground pork sausage, barely thawed, each in its own hot steel pan, with a layer of olive oil shimmering. Untouched and left covered until I flipped, not quite enough time on the other side, then into a preheated 350 oven. Baked until my thermometer read 170 F, then I left it in a little while longer, just to be sure. Last time my thermometer said 175, and it was still slightly pink (I guess somewhere other than where I put the probe). Cut heat at 170 F and I think it rose to 180 F, then pulled.

Once I had it on the plate, that would’ve been the best time to portion it smartly. I just kind of chopped it up, like an idiot. 9 equal pieces would be best, 3 into each dish.

The sausage was easy, with steel pans and an oven. I imagine most proteins can be done this way, with practice…


1 box de cecco spaghetti № 12

I broke about half the box in half to get shorter pieces, just my preference. Sea salt this time, only 3-5 g. I think the regular table salt is much denser. I’ve yet to try the Crystal Diamond salt, it’s supposedly very light for its volume. I’m not sure there’s a point to using that in water, so I might as well use up my old sea salt into the water, 5 g at a time.

10 minute timer, plus a little extra since it’s hard to submerge everything right away. I saved 1/2 c of water, drained, added oil, pasta, water, little bit more oil, stirred.

It’s best to portion right away, before the pasta gets sticky.

I kept the sauce separate this time. I like to keep red sauces with large chunks separate, just preference.


1 jar la famiglia delgrosso

My first time tasting this sauce. Pretty good. Maybe better than Mid’s. Who am I kidding, probably better than Mid’s.


1/6 box is too much pasta

1/3 lb is about right on sausage, though I didn’t portion evenly this time

1/6 jar sauce is about right, for a light amount of sauce

I could definitely add more tomato, maybe 1 can.

next time

measure 6 * 56 g = 336 g pasta

sear & bake 2 1-lb blocks sausage, as before

1 jar of sauce, add 1 small can tomato paste

Cut each sausage into 9 equal pieces, 18 total. I know this is real basic shit, but most of the time I don’t get the details (or even the basics) right.

I think using 2 steel pans was a good move: I got the sear I was looking for and they didn’t mind being in the oven full of liquid (I maybe should’ve drained them, the bottom was a bit deep fried to braised to boiled). If I’d gotten a better sear on side 2, it would’ve been perfect.

I’ve got to thaw the trays much earlier in the fridge, so that the probe can really get to the coldest section to get an accurate lowest reading.

It’s the little things, the little things..