I’ve now, years after starting, beaten most all of the bosses in Bloodborne.

IMO in order of hardest to easiest, roughly (I may have a few misplaced)

  1. Gehrman
  2. Bloody crow of Cainhurst
  3. Darkbeast Paarl aka Loran Darkbeast
  4. Moon Presence
  5. Martyr Logarius
  6. Ebrietas, daughter of the cosmos
  7. Rom, the vacuous spider
  8. Shadows of Yharnam
  9. Djura
  10. Micolash, host of the nightmare
  11. Watchdog of the old lords
  12. Father Gascoigne
  13. Keeper of the old lords
  14. Vicar Amelia
  15. Abhorrent beast
  16. Amygdala
  17. Mergo’s wet nurse
  18. Blood-starved beast
  19. Cleric beast
  20. Blood-letting beast
  21. Great one reborn
  22. Beast-possessed soul
  23. Celestial emissary
  24. Witch of hemlock

I think they’re all very difficult if you’re low level, but it’s hard to say what level is right.

I think the game is definitely easier at 250, but doable at 100. I beat Gehrman at 105-ish, but I could not take on Darkbeast Paarl that playthrough. And I missed out on Moon presence.

I’ve seen vods of people beating Bloodborne at very low level, or maybe taking no damage or something. I don’t find that realistic or fun.. but if they’ve got the skill to do it and enjoy, keep on keeping on I guess.

I’d say everything above Mergo’s wet nurse is difficult.

Everything Djura and above is really difficult. Even if you are level 250, they will easily kill you. It gets easier to damage them, but you die just as easily, pretty much.

2100 HP won’t save you when you’re stunlocked, and that’s largely how you die in this game. Mash that circle button !

The game was a lot easier once I started reading the Fextralife wiki. That, the farming guide on reddit, and the completionist checklist on Reddit. I couldn’t easily get a hold of the Future Press book, but it would probably be the best resource.

I ran Central Yharnam (entirely..) until I felt strong enough for Father Gascoigne (40? 30?), then Cathedral Ward (up the stairs, then down the other stairs) until I could clear Old Yharnam (Djura’s ally, the Blood-starved beast..).

Then I ran Hemwick Charnel Lane (backwards, from the witch’s abode) a ton before Vicar Amelia. And a few runs of the Forbidden Forest, for old times’ sake.

I ran that a lot on my first play through, I guess struggling before the Shadows of Yharnam.

I skipped ahead a bit, though, and got the Tonsil stone, took a right at the Grand Cathedral and went on the Amygdala roller coaster. Running the Lecture building got me maybe 40 levels. Maybe 80, I just can’t recall. Good farming, but it gets even better.

You just have to then get past Ebrietas to get to Mergo’s Loft (middle), which is maybe the most fun farming. Everybody presumably does the “same” strategy, which always turns out slightly differently: you clear everything up to the first pig, visceral it, then sprint between the 2 pigs up ahead, walk, sprint towards the 4 hooded guys and dodge past them. The pigs go hog-wild on the hooded guys, who don’t hesitate to throw fireballs and stuff. But pigs hit hard. It’s fun to watch. Often you get hit by a fireball, or run over by a pig, but as long as you don’t die twice, you’ll carry your echoes no problem.

I think I dropped 1.6 M echoes there once.

After beating Amygdala, it takes a lot of chalice dungeons to get to Lower Loran layer 2, which is basically the best farm. You can’t screw it up.

A lot more chalice dungeons later, and I think you have to even beat the Cursed Pthumeru to get the correct materials to open the Isz chalice dungeon, you get to Isz layer 3. Which I have not beat the boss of. Why even bother, honestly.. I think it’s another Amygdala. It’s a jelly bean farm down there, basically. I think I got maybe 50 levels there and stopped at 258. 258 feels good to play, very forgiving. But very low stamina, so you still have to pay attention. I like Vitality / Strength / Skill with a Ludwig’s Holy Blade. I know clothes don’t matter, but the Graveguard set, the Charred hunter set, the Ashen hunter set, and Henryk’s set are all great. Obviously, sometimes you need frenzy resistance or poison so you dress accordingly.

I didn’t pay almost any attention my first playthrough, 2+ years ago, but with all 3 moon runes you farm easy & fast. And with the right blood gems, a Holy Blade can do 200 +600 damage or something crazy.

The game is a lot more scenic when you can just cruise through it.

Honestly, wouldn’t you rather see the entire Pacific Coast Highway at 150 mph or a third of it at 55? If safety were equal, energy wasn’t a constraint, etc. I would.