So I started playing League of Legends recently. It’s a fun game.

I decided on a whim to play Support roles for now. I went through the tutorial with Ms Fortune, who is a lot of fun to play. I figure if I can’t get ADC/bottom lane picks, I can always play Support. I like both roles, as they are. Having to farm every creep as ADC is a bit stressful, but of course important, whereas Support seems a bit easier. Just a noob’s perspective.

I don’t really understand what Jungle is all about, so probably best I stay away for now. I don’t really understand anything about the game, beyond the basic DotA framework, but Jungle is not something I remember from the WC3 mod. I mean, it was there, but was it a dedicated role? Who knows, I only played a few games back in 2009 or whatever.

I dropped some coin on the support bundle, so I can practice Morgana & Nami & Leona. I assume Ms Fortune is good enough, more or less. I don’t mind dropping a little bit of money on a “free-to-play” game, I know nothing is completely free. So far it’s been a fun and interesting game.

practice match

I 1v1’d Shen in bottom lane, as Morgana.

That dude killed me like 3 times, but “we” took down towers and I avenged myself.

Q is nice for stiff-arming, but the W isn’t very uh hurtful. I’m not really sure what the W is good for, I assume I wasn’t using it right, I really want to see how it’s used. I did farm some creeps with it, to be honest, even my noobly self could manage that.

E is good for ADC’s, I’m guessing, though I cast it on myself. LUL people probably get mad if you do that in game, I should probably save it for protecting my ADC from danger danger &c.

I don’t understand the ultimate. Lmao. I’ll get there. This was a weird match, not being 5v5. At least the tutorial made sense.

practice match 2

I play Nami this time. 5v5 bots? I have no idea what the abilities do.