So I just finally beat Dark Souls Remastered on my PS4.

I found this game a bit easier than Bloodborne, at first, but as I went along I found it harder to close out.

In retrospect, Bloodborne seems like a slightly smaller game.

I’m not some pro gamer speedrunner whatever

A rough ordering (hopefully within a few edits):

truly tough bosses

  1. Ornstein & Smough (in a league of its own, really)
  2. Four Kings
  3. Gwyn, Lord of Cinder
  4. Black Dragon Kalameet
  5. Knight Artorias (I think my favorite)

it’s easy dying to these bosses

  1. Manus, father of the Abyss
  2. Capra Demon
  3. Gravelord Nito
  4. Bed of Chaos
  5. Bell Gargoyles
  6. Crossbreed Priscilla
  7. Taurus Demon
  8. Stray Demon

these weren’t too bad, just took time

  1. Ceaseless Discharge
  2. Sanctuary Guardian
  3. Sif, the great grey wolf
  4. Gaping Dragon
  5. Centipede Demon
  6. Havel the Rock
  7. Demon Firesage

I think even I got these in one try

  1. Dark Sun Gwyndolin
  2. Asylum Demon
  3. Iron Golem
  4. Quelaag

seemingly easy bosses

  1. Seath the Scaleless
  2. Pinwheel
  3. Moonlight Butterfly

It took me so long to get through it, I really need to play it again to judge better. Oh well!

Looking back, this definitely seemed easier than Bloodborne. Shields!? With 100% damage reduction? A strange world, indeed.

The worst thing about the game is the sparse character interaction. Who knows where Siegmeyer will turn up next? Or even why? Whatever.

A lot of the game boiled down to stamina wars, which I guess is fair. A lot of hold-L1-release-L1 nonsense.

I am simply wearing out my PS4 controllers. I may need to buy another to get through Sekiro.