It is ridiculous that time literally repeats itself every year here in America.

I was reading a podcast transcript on The Changelog w/ Max Howell, where they mention that some companies are turning off databases to prevent them from seeing the double-passage of time. Absolutely insane. Databases deserve uptime, folks. And people deserve consistency, and no ambiguity.

Time should really be monotonic, folks.

I know, right time tool for the right time job, as everyone says, but I mean if we have the choice (and we often do!), we should choose forward-only time.. Just My Opinion.

If you picture the progressing of time as tracing a line up and to the right, with the real-world passage of time pushing the pen left to right, you can picture the hands of the clock going forwards and backwards pushing the pen up and down.

Those sharp, pointy sawtooth shapes should be smoothed out.

Time should be like a high score, always rising. When you repeat a timestamp, it makes time (an otherwise 10/10 distinct identifier in a serial process, given enough precision) ambiguous.

That makes it a lot less useful. It can be done smoothly, and in a pretty simple way.

Clocks that go, fast & slow

Spring forward +2 hours: run clocks at 3x speed for 1 hour starting at midnight.

Fall back -2 hours: run clocks at ⅓x speed for 3 hours starting at midnight.

In the spring, we want to push the clocks forward 2 hours above the passage of time. So we let the clock run for 1 hour in the real world, but we let the hands count forward 3 hours.

In the fall, we run the clock for 3 whole hours in the real world, but let it spin just 1 hour forward.

The outcome is the same. If you’re lazy, you can actually shift your clocks ±2 hours the old way. But I think this should be an alternative way as to how to “do” daylight savings time.

It works out just the same. Except for those 1-3 hours after midnight, where it works out in a monotonically-increasing kind of way.

Which is what we were going for, after all. Hooray!