I got a new credit card offer in the mail today: should I sign up?

I have been thinking about an Apple card to get that sweet 3% on the next MacBook to replace this one (I just can’t give up Macintosh, at this point).

But that’s not what I was offered. I’m talking about the, uh, AmEx Blue Cash Preferred® lol.

So it’s a $95/yr card but it offers:

  • 6% at “supermarkets”, up to $360/yr back
  • 6% on “select streaming subscriptions”
  • 3% at gas stations, and some more

This is pretty good, but I already have good cards, free ones:

  • 3% at gas stations & groceries (?)
  • 2% at restaurants (different card)
  • 5% occasionally, through Chase Freedom (sometimes gas, sometimes Amazon)

Cards I’ve been seriously considering (and why not, but I hate getting new cards):

  • Target Red card (5% ?)
  • Apple card (3% ?)

Doing the math

If I spend $200/mo on groceries, an extra 3% would be $72/yr I’m leaving on the table.

If I spend $15/mo on HBO (probably doesn’t cover Twitch..), that’s $9/yr on the table.

So it’s hardly worth it, I mean maybe but not a slam dunk.

Whereas the Target and Apple cards, it’s just a matter of time, I guess.