So news comes out today saying hackers dump personal info on freaking high schoolers in Las Vegas who did nothing but live in a district whose online ops got hacked.

I mean, what do ya even do at this point?

I think, in some (hopefully just) science fiction world, the government would just have to offer NIaaS, new identities as a service, kind of like WPP but en masse, just in a totally boring way like the DMV.

You can’t shave your head though, and get a face transplant, put on 10 kg or lose 20, biometric stuff is indelibly hard to replace. If there’s anything worth defending, it’s personal stuff like that.

No, this isn’t exactly an iPhone ad. Unless Apple sends me a new 7. Seriously, I still love my 7.

Schools should just never be storing that kind of info. I’m not saying yearbooks are crazy weird, they are certainly nice in a way.

Basically we could work it by only giving the school your School Identity, so that even if they got hacked, the hacker wouldn’t necessarily know your real name. The school reregisters everyone, under new sids, and we have 3,000 new students to replace the old.

Hackers would try to relate the two sets. Match by birthday, for example (why are they storing birthdays?). Or match by gender (again, we must realize: why bookkeep that?).

Again, science fiction perspective. Gattaca, but a different path. Maybe I need to watch Black Mirror, I’m sure they’ve covered similar if not same ground.