To the best of my knowledge, the following guitarists (all favorites..) used the following amps:

artist amp on album
Jimi Hendrix Marshall JTM45 most?
John Frusciante “2 Marshalls”, but sometimes straight into the board in general
John Frusciante Marshall Major & Silver Jubilee live
John Frusciante Super Lead Plexi &/ Super Lead Bass Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Nuno Bettencourt JCM-800 + Rat Extreme I
Nuno Bettencourt ADA MP-1 Pornograffiti
David Gilmour Hi-Watt (DR103?) Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, Animals..?
Keith Richards wouldn’t even matter all of ‘em
Dick Dale Fenders in general

By no means am I an authority on this stuff..