I’m a pretty bad book finisher!

Book on page
Mastering PostgreSQL in App Development p88 / 328pp
Practical Elm p70 / 225pp
Zen Guitar p90 / 188pp
SQL Performance Explained p112 / 192pp
Python books TBD

But I am proud to say I did read a short book in one weekend recently about Java & vert.x1 called Building Reactive Microservices in Java2, by Clement Escoffier. A good one! Short & sweet — I wish more books were 83 pages.

Speaking of..

There are some audiobooks I want to make progress on, too:

Audiobook at/left/haven’t started
Bossypants 3:26 left?
Robinson Crusoe 10:38 left
Moby Dick 21:22 left
Anna Karenina haven’t started, 38:03
Kite Runner haven’t started, 12:01
Crime & Punishment haven’t started, 24:18
Count of Monte Cristo want to re-listen, 52:39

I wish I had a good time of day to routinely listen to fiction with. Most of the time I stick to podcasts & CDs at work.