RIP F keys. I never see applications use them any more.

I bet most people go into System Preferences and turn them into brightness/volume toggles. I mean, the keys em aren’t moving. They’re not going anywhere. I still set them. In Sublime Text, at least.

Maybe the issue is that people don’t customize anything these days. Have you ever seen anyone paint a car an interesting color? A new car? People don’t install custom OSs except on old hardware, and people like new hardware. They type Qwerty :(.

Good mousing

Another note: good mousing. Most applications just don’t appreciate good mousing.

If you’re one of those people who says “keyboards are faster”, just admit it: you’re wrong. You’ve never played StarCraft. Good mousing is incomparable to what you can get done on a keyboard. Even 300wpm on a Steno keyboard.

And vice versa: what you can get done with a mouse is totally inelegant with the keyboard.

Acme has just about the best mouse support I’ve ever seen. Which is crazy, because it’s a text editor, which is generally keyboard territory. You’d think “text processing” and “graphical applications” don’t mix all that well, but they do. It makes me want a 3-button mouse. I wore out my last mouse wheel with middle clicks. (This is also maybe why I don’t use Acme every day)

Middle click is neck and neck with right click to be #2-click-of-all-time.

Acme definitely takes some getting used to. I almost went all-in last time I used it, but for some reason I didn’t feel I had the scripting-fu necessary to hack my own tools together, so I backed off. Back to Sublime. Perhaps it’s time I try it again, but I don’t want to break another mouse.

Back to F keys

Some keyboards have got another set of F keys, over on the left, 5 in a column. I love it. Love it love it love it. The keyboard I’ve got has got a sixth key on top to switch hotkey sets. Amazing. That’s the kind of thing I’d pay money for. (I did.)

Putting F keys on a keyboard and then not using them is like buying a car with 12 blank, plastic little rectangles on the dashboard that clearly would have a nice, satisfying puh-dunk press to them if only the car had come with the right features, but instead you get a hollow, tacky reminder of what could have been there.

Oh well. What’s important is that the key can still be customized. You can put your own switches in your car! And I can choose all my hotkeys, most of the time (maybe not in StarCraft: Brood War).