You know what I miss?

The double progress bar.

You’d see it all the time in Windows 95 installers.

You know the ones.

Blue backgrounds, seafoam green dialogs, blue progress bars, one above the other.

     Overall Task

[==========|          ]

    Subtask 3 of N

[=|                   ]

Really, the bar at the top is more of a chevron, moving between distinct states. The bar at the bottom is a 1 of N value that moves more quickly and incrementally.

When I do pushups, I sometimes think of a clock face / 6-slice pizza, and then I break each sixth into second-hand tick marks. So to do a set of 36, it’s 6 segments of 1-2-3 4-5-6. I feel like I can track the individual count pretty well along with the general direction of which segment I’m working on. I hate having to remember two numbers, and this avoids that (kinda).