I set up MediaWiki yesterday: it was super easy and it seems super useful!

I wrote up some notes about the install (in MediaWiki, naturally..) but I’ll paste them here.

I really like the MediaWiki editor syntax. I know it seems a minor point, but it’s at least as good as MarkDown. Plus, editing from within the browser (no need to sshfs like I’m doing right now) is, well, super convenient.

It seems possible to blog in MediaWiki, then do some static trick to make a static copy of the site, but certain content would have to be elided (Edit links..).


sudo apt install php composer php-xml php-pgsql php-apcu

Make sure Apache is running. Make sure postgresql is running (either set up a wiki user/pass or use postgres/sql login).

Download MediaWiki.tar.gz. Extract to ~/MediaWiki. As root, move that directory to become /var/www/html/wiki.

sudo apachectl restart

Go to http://localhost:80/mw-config/index.php. The installer will take you the rest of the way.

Use APCU, but not memcached. Use WikiEditor extension, CodeEditor. No email. Open wiki.

After install, save LocalSettings.php to ~/Desktop. Change localhost to 3950x.local. As root, move that file into /var/www/html/wiki/.



Move /var/www/html/wiki/resources/assets/wiki.png and symbolically link mediawiki.png to wiki.png. Refresh, and you should see the [[sunflower]] logo.

Copy your favicon to /var/www/html/favicon.ico it does not actually go in the wiki/ directory.