If we don’t use a metric system based on feet, kilofeet, millifeet, &c, then maybe we could use one based on miles, millimiles, .. ?

Mile-metric system

mile-metric approximately
1 nanomile 1.6 microns
1 micromile 1/16 inch
1 millimile 5.28 feet
1 mile a fifteen minute walk
1 kilomile New York to Orlando, Portland to Los Angeles
0.24 megamiles distance from Earth to the Moon
0.93 megamiles distance from Earth to the Sun
2.7 - 4.7 gigamiles distance from Pluto to the Sun


I kind of prefer the foot-metric. A “gigafoot” just has so much more appeal, to me.

Inch-metric system

Why not?

inch-metric approximately
1 nanoinch 1/40 nanometer
1 microinch 25 nanometers
1 milli-inch 25 microns
1 inch ..
1 kiloinch 28 yards
1 megainch 16 miles
0.5 gigainch diameter of the Earth
1 terainch 16 megamiles

I don’t really like this one, either. A gigafoot, here to the Moon! A millifoot, a couple sheets of paper. Seems more centered.