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  • No Timezones

    I often wish we just dropped time zones, and agreed to use UTC for everything. Or TAI, whichever.

  • Dark Souls bosses, again

    So now that I’ve beaten the game, I don’t know, enough it feels like (5? times), I feel like I know the bosses a little bit better.

  • My Best Wordle Pairings Yet

    I like thematic Wordle plays, where the first 2 or 3 guesses are thematically related. It certainly helps for the 2 words to be mostly-distinct, still, but I feel you can enjoy the math of the pattern matching along with a small bit of word play. Anyways:

  • Benchmarking Docker on M1 and Ryzen

    I ran a 7-zip benchmark on my M1 MacBook and my Ryzen workstation. More specifically,

  • Dark Souls Remastered bosses, ranked

    So I just finally beat Dark Souls Remastered on my PS4.

  • Playing music via USB on a Toyota 4Runner

    I recently got myself a 4Runner! It’s very nice, but it doesn’t have a CD player. So, to play music, you have to load it onto a USB drive (or use your phone).

  • Electric cars are kinda bizarre

    I’ve been thinking a lot about electric cars recently. They are simply not the same as gas cars with different engines. Diesel cars are pretty close, but electric cars are so different.

  • Spaghetti as a science, 2

    So I just cooked / meal prep’d 6 servings of spaghetti & “meatballs”.

  • Debian, Hyper-V

    So, progress on the Hyper-V front.

  • My old MacBook Air SMART Info

    You know, I’ve never really paid much attention to the SMART info / diagnostic stats stored by my hard drive.

  • Spaghetti as a Science

    I love making spaghetti. I like to think I can make it pretty well, but I’m getting better all the time.

  • Ubuntu 20.04, Hyper-V, Windows 10 Pro

    Well, it all seems to be working again. After some/much frustration, my linux VM is back in prime condition.

  • The Expanse

    Man, this show is so good. Watching it for the 2nd time now.

  • Function keys

    I wish there were standard function keys, like in every app. I figure this isn’t the current situation because nobody’s hit upon the clear best.

  • Boolean table programming

    Here’s another take on if statements, though I’m quite partial to early return. It’s kind of a visual programming idea, it’s not real convenient to do this in plaintext.

  • Steelcase Leap, Steelcase Gesture

    I got a Gesture today. If you don’t know of it, it’s a very nice chair.

  • Buying a new monitor

    So it’s getting to be the time I need to buy a new monitor.

  • How often do you need each number?

    Well, I’m buying house numbers, and I notice a really strange distribution to what they include in a pack, leaving me wondering how they reach their implicit conclusion:

  • So long, MR2

    Well, I said goodbye to my lil’ MR2 recently.

  • Prototype loops in Io

    The default nature of Io is that, if you follow the prototypes up from the Lobby, you come back to the Lobby.

  • Economics of eating pasta

    I certainly have been eating a lot of pasta, so I wonder: is anything cheaper? Or is it expensive, or what?

  • De Cecco pasta

    De Cecco pasta is surprisingly good, really good. I can’t remember a better pasta.

  • Pasta shapes to try

    I like my penne and my linguine, but I wonder what other pastas I should try.

  • Quartz wristwatch accuracy

    I have a quartz watch that I set in 2018 and just reset today, after 2 years of drift.

  • Io in 10 minutes

    I try (not very well) to explain Io, a small language, a la X in Y minutes, as much as I know anyway

  • Compact identification via timestamping

    If I really wanted to compact my standard yyyy-mm-dd file.avi notation / nomenclature, how might could I do it?

  • Clock time calendar

    Why doesn’t anyone / has anyone used base-60 “clock time” beyond the 12/24-hour modulus we usually think about? 59:59:59:59 and so on.

  • Software versioning I like

    I like semi-annual release cycles. 2020a, 2020b. 2021a, 2021b. Nice, simple. Dates, too.

  • Five new holidays

    We should get five more holidays.

  • Pizza combinations

    Long live the 2-topping L / XL.

  • More interactive compilers

    I sometimes wish software compilers wrote back significant info, directly into the file.

  • Making sub-8:00

    I made it to sub-8:00! I have never been more proud of a 2 Km pull.

  • Sustainable outcomes in identity theft

    So news comes out today saying hackers dump personal info on freaking high schoolers in Las Vegas who did nothing but live in a district whose online ops got hacked.

  • Infix LISP

    Is it possible to have a LISP that doesn’t use strictly prefix (+ x y z) but sometimes (x choose y) infix-style expressions?

  • Economics of a new credit card

    I got a new credit card offer in the mail today: should I sign up?

  • Human 0-60

    What would it take for a human, like me, to accelerate oneself to 60 mph? AKA 88 feet per second?

  • Io, a curious language

    I re-learned some Io this past weekend.

  • 18 weeks, 1 Mm

    Well, I did it. I erg’d 1 Mm in 18 weeks.

  • More metric unit sizes

    I still root for metric prefixes over language-based numbers (kilogram over one thousand grams, even megameter over one thousand kilometers).

  • Jekyll bash script helper functions

    Same functions as before, but modified slightly.

  • Bloodborne bosses, ranked

    I’ve now, years after starting, beaten most all of the bosses in Bloodborne.

  • Replacing the receiver

    My receiver went out the other day. RIP my Pioneer. Seven years, almost.

  • Fixing the laptop, cost estimates

    My laptop is in dire straits.

  • 2 Mm

    I hit 2 Mm on the erg yesterday. 2,000 Km.

  • Electric Mini

    Mini is releasing an all-electric car. Interesting.

  • Upgrading the iPhone 7

    I think it may be time to upgrade my iPhone. The camera is starting to not work sometimes.

  • Zig, cool stuff

    I watched a couple youtube videos on Zig and I am impressed.

  • Safari & font-family

    I don’t quite know what’s changed in Safari since I last used it (Firefox works, well, great), but it doesn’t seem to render many fonts.

  • Erg workouts, replanned

    I can definitely say I’m more comfortable erging longer pieces (“steady state”).

  • Erging my first half-marathon

    I did it, yesterday. I erged 21.097 Km in 1:49:51. Woo hoo!

  • Customizing Jekyll CSS Styling

    I’m not sure if I never knew this, or if I had just forgotten, but I re-learned how Jekyll sets up theme customization.

  • More progress through volume

    I put down another personal best on the erg today.

  • Progress through volume

    So I didn’t really mean to, but I set a new 5 Km personal best today.

  • What even is PHP

    That’s what I’m wondering, these days.

  • Setting up MediaWiki

    I set up MediaWiki yesterday: it was super easy and it seems super useful!

  • Would it were so simple: web applications

    I miss the simplicity of web programming, back when performance was not king.

  • Erg season 2020 ends

    Well, I did it.

  • Bash tips for Jekyll blogging

    These bash functions are useful so you can just drop into a terminal and hit new-post and basically be off..

  • $100 of groceries

    I went to Kroger today, and I spent almost exactly $100.

  • Last week of erg season 2020

    Last full week of erg.

  • End of erg season 2020

    Well, it’s mid-April. All this coronavirus shit is weirding up the whole universe in a horrible way, it would seem, but the erging continues.

  • Hello World in x64 Assembler

    I should really brush up on this stuff.. this is some old junk I found laying around. I wish I could write assembler as well as I could in 2016. Maybe a resolution for 2020?

  • The Double Progress Bar

    You know what I miss?

  • Mono CD ripping/burning in OS X

    I know this is The End Of CDs, but here’s a quick rundown on how to rip a CD in OS X, mix the stereo down to mono, then burn it back to a blank CD.

  • The Absurdity of English Units

    I think it speaks for itself; some of these are now historical.

  • I Hate Content Security Policy

    I’m trying to add MathJax to my site, either via CDN or dumping it in static/ or whatever.

  • Unicode Fractions

    This is for my reference, helpful when writing down recipes in plain text.

  • The Average Bundt Cake

    I’ve written down a few recipes for Bundt cakes recently, it’s something I want to try.

  • Regarding Shoe Sizes

    I don’t really know what to believe when it comes to shoe sizes.

  • MathJax is So Easy to Install

    (How Easy? So Easy)

  • Web Fonts in 2019

    Web fonts are still the best fonts.

  • Password Entropy, Part II

    Passwords are, generally speaking, expensive to crack.

  • Programming the Erg

    This is a post about hitting the buttons on the erg according to certain “cheat codes” to start specific workouts. There’s not much to it.

  • A Slightly Different Metric

    If we don’t use a metric system based on feet, kilofeet, millifeet, &c, then maybe we could use one based on miles, millimiles, .. ?

  • Hello Syncthing

    I’m not sure what happened to BT Sync / Resilio Sync / &c, but it’s time for me to try something else. I just can’t get it working on Linux.

  • Arms-Only Erg

    I ran an experiment, to prove something I’ve heard but never confirmed to what degree:

  • Writing a GIF by Hand

    Suppose you’ve got a blog.

  • Enter the Kemper

    I turned on my Kemper Head for the first time today.

  • Actual Amps Used

    To the best of my knowledge, the following guitarists (all favorites..) used the following amps:

  • A SQL Statement

    In essence, (and in order)

  • Halfway to Metric

    I have an idea that will help transition America to the metric system.

  • Counting in Postgresql

    I have a table numbers (n, ..) that I want to get the count of.

  • Simple Password Entropy

    Passwords are easy to generate, easy to record.. but still nobody likes 45-character passwords!

  • CSS Inlining vs Linking

    I like to serve this site in a fast way, not doing anything hugely dumb.

  • Optimizing CSS readability versus size

    Editing minified source code sucks.

  • Some Favorite Math Theorems

    These are just nice things to think about. I don’t know why, but some of them are just nice.

  • Erg Splits Chart

    split power 1 Km 2 Km 5 Km 6 Km 10 Km
    01:50/- 263.0 W 03:40 07:20 18:20 22:00 36:40
    01:52/- 249.1 W 03:44 07:28 18:40 22:24 37:20
    01:54/- 236.2 W 03:48 07:36 19:00 22:48 38:00
    01:56/- 224.2 W 03:52 07:44 19:20 23:12 38:40
    01:58/- 213.0 W 03:56 07:52 19:40 23:36 39:20
    02:00/- 202.5 W 04:00 08:00 20:00 24:00 40:00
    02:02/- 192.7 W 04:04 08:08 20:20 24:24 40:40
    02:04/- 183.6 W 04:08 08:16 20:40 24:48 41:20
    02:06/- 175.0 W 04:12 08:24 21:00 25:12 42:00
    02:08/- 166.9 W 04:16 08:32 21:20 25:36 42:40
    02:10/- 159.3 W 04:20 08:40 21:40 26:00 43:20
    02:12/- 152.2 W 04:24 08:48 22:00 26:24 44:00
    02:14/- 145.5 W 04:28 08:56 22:20 26:48 44:40
    02:16/- 139.1 W 04:32 09:04 22:40 27:12 45:20
    02:18/- 133.2 W 04:36 09:12 23:00 27:36 46:00
    02:20/- 127.6 W 04:40 09:20 23:20 28:00 46:40
    02:22/- 122.2 W 04:44 09:28 23:40 28:24 47:20
    02:24/- 117.2 W 04:48 09:36 24:00 28:48 48:00
    02:26/- 112.5 W 04:52 09:44 24:20 29:12 48:40
    02:28/- 108.0 W 04:56 09:52 24:40 29:36 49:20
    02:30/- 103.7 W 05:00 10:00 25:00 30:00 50:00
    02:32/- 99.7 W 05:04 10:08 25:20 30:24 50:40
    02:34/- 95.8 W 05:08 10:16 25:40 30:48 51:20
    02:36/- 92.2 W 05:12 10:24 26:00 31:12 52:00
    02:38/- 88.7 W 05:16 10:32 26:20 31:36 52:40
    02:40/- 85.4 W 05:20 10:40 26:40 32:00 53:20
  • Ranking Erg Workouts in SQL

    I erg. Not competitively. I’m still kind of a noob.

  • Books to Finish in 2019

    I’m a pretty bad book finisher!

  • Thoughts on seximal vs dozenal

    I watched a video yesterday on base-6 aka seximal. It came up on HN.

  • See Ecks Jay Ess (CxJS)

    I’ll be short. I recently stumbled upon a framework called CxJS.

    CxJS is a client-side application framework driven by a server-side endpoint of your choice.

  • Daylight savings time v2.0

    It is ridiculous that time literally repeats itself every year here in America.

  • Bamboo

    So I just found out that Atlassian makes this software thing called Bamboo.

  • What ever happened to F1 .. F12 keys?

    RIP F keys. I never see applications use them any more.

  • Go slices are three finger data structures

    What Go devs call slices are what I think of as a “three-finger data structure”.

  • Extended globs in bash

    I learned about extended globbing today, in bash.

  • Drinking more Elixir

    I’ve been reading & writing more Elixir; a few things caught my attention.

  • Drinking some Elixir

    I got an Elixir book for Christmas, the one by Dave Thomas.

  • Filenames suck

    I really like bash scripts. Who doesn’t, right? But as the saying goes, a man’s got to know his limitations. One thing I’ve never liked is how you have to handle filenames on the shell.

  • Fun with localStorage

    I’ve been reading through the source of SC4, a self-contained crypto web application. It’s like PGP in a .html file.

  • A body-recursive chunks

    As it turns out, Erlang supports at least one kind of efficient recursion other than tail recursion.

  • Body & tail recursion in Erlang

    Old habits die hard. Some things can suprise you.

  • Simple profiling in Erlang

    Over the weekend, I was looking around the lists module for a function that could group a list into pairs or triplets. Either a pairs, triplets, group_by, or chunks function, basically.

  • Bit twiddling in Erlang

    It’s been a long few months. Lots of traveling, interviewing, moving, & working. Stressful. I’ve been busy, to say the least.

  • Fooling around in dozenal

    I wrote a couple small modules for fun recently and wanted to mention them here briefly. I wrote one to calculate ranges of numbers and the other to convert numbers to dozenal, or duodecimal (base-12).

  • SForest, another random access list

    In a recent post, I discussed the mechanics underlying skew-binary random access lists. In this post, I’ll walk through some code I’ve written to bring the ideas to life with JavaScript.

  • Skew-binary random access lists

    This is another post on another data structure, the skew-binary random access list. This is perhaps my favorite data structure; I just think it’s ingenious.

  • Understanding Metalsmith

    Today, I learned a lot more about alternatives to Jekyll. A local developer (thanks, Chris!) pointed me towards, an all-Javascript solution. On the other hand, I found Metalsmith.

  • BForest, a binary random access list

    This is a post on a data structure, the binary random access list. Not the best data structure in the world, but close to one of my favorites.

  • Ad block, minus minus

    Recently, I updated my /etc/hosts file. I don’t currently use any ad blocking software aside from that.

  • Long live the shell

    There are few things in this world you can count on like bash.

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