We should get five more holidays.

Hear me out:

Election day, first Tuesday in November

This is a big one, recently. Too bad Halloween is so close, it could maybe be the sixth holiday left out.

Black Friday, last Friday in November

It’s dumb having a Thursday holiday without getting the Friday…

Alternatively, let’s just move Thanksgiving to Friday and get New Year’s Eve as a holiday (or Christmas Eve, for that matter).

Pi day, March 14 (or 2nd Friday in March)

Like how Columbus Day is fall break-ish, mid-March is spring break-ish

Arbor day, last Friday in April

It is a good time to plant a tree. Or anything in your garden.

Flag day, June 14 (or 2nd Friday in June)

It’s like the 4th of July but a month earlier, when it’s not as hot!

So there, five days.

I mean, why not? I mean, everything seems to get furloughed every couple years and not much seems to matter.

It wouldn’t hurt to align holidays to Fridays & Mondays, too, ya know. Election day could maybe move to the first Monday in November, to make that work.

I write this today, on a holiday, of course. It would be nice.